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The Living Space

The clutter of this room depicts a place
Neglected, colors hues and earth tones laid
Aside for contemplated use. Baskets
Of conventional stuff set in odd places, spinning wheels
Half full with yarn that is dangling into the fuzz.

Oak baskets made by my own hands and that
Of the master craftsman grace this room’s disarray.
Dried flowers yarn and seed a wait their destiny
Of useful purpose ~ garden ~ loom or ~ wheel.

The state of clutter reflects my mind. I reach
For glories neglected long ago. The tasks
Once left in search of knowledge laid temptingly
Before me by skilled hands far greater than mine.

And peace far stiller than any I had had. A home
Left in disarray far greater than my mind.

~~ by Lynnae McConaha

Weaver's Cottage

I've gained expertise over the years with my spinning and weaving.  I now dye yarn to knit and weave, as well as fiber to spin.  I call this hanpainted yarn and fiber, as I do handpaint the unique colorways. These yarns and fibers come in silk yarn for weaving and knitting, as well as silk fiber for spinning and felting.  Bamboo, soybean, organic cotton and cotton bends as well as wool and wool blends.

Art and education have been a major focus in life. Fiber arts, such as spinning and weaving, have taken precedence the past 30 years, as this is an art form I could do while homeschooling five children.

SpinningMy life focus has changed a lot over the years. I've gained an expertise in spinning, weaving and dyeing just from doing it for so many years, having a background in fine art, as well as taking classes and workshop. I'm really pleased to bring quality and unique products to people who are concerned with their quality of life at reasonable prices.

Moving to New Mexico and living in the Mimbres Valley next to the National Forest land, brings a peace to my work and new colorways in my dyeing and weaving.  My studio is also a small shop, open by appointment to the public.  I am making some unique jewelry items, calling this part of the business Metalwork Design.

We have a lovely supply of handpainted yarns, spinning fiber, and lovely Silk yarn and spinning fiber Imported from India and China.                                            

          Silk Yarn                 

Silk yarn from India     Muga Silk from India   Silk sliver from China      Carded Sari Silk Fiber from India

Weaving yarns of dyed organic cotton yarn and chenille, and handpainted yarns and fibers.

            Handwoven Capelet                            Jewelry                               eco print natural dyes scarves