USA grown and produced Organic Cotton and Yarns ~ Imported Silk from India



Forged Copper, Brass and Silver  with heat patina

Shawl Pins

They are all $15 + shipping and handling

These are made with copper and gemstones


Pin with curls, pearls,and turquoise                                      

2 inches X 1 3/4 inches                                                         


Plain Copper shawl pin  

2 inches X 2 inches 

  Twisted Copper

2 inch X 2inch

Wire wrapped copper shawl pin

1 1/2 inch X 1 1/2


Copper pin with irredecent square pearl and hishi

3 inches with dangle X 2 inches


S Shawl Pin with pearls, silver and turquoise

3 inches with dangle X 2 inches



The earrings below are cold connection brass and copper, accented with gemstones, pearls, silver and other special finds.  The color is created with a heated torch and sometimes a flux to create the red color.