USA grown and produced Organic Cotton and Yarns ~ Imported Silk from India



Handwoven items-Handmade spinning and weaving tools

Handwoven Scarves/Shawl Capelet - These two are sold, but I can make another of the autum to order and I have 2 of the blue/purple and pink available, just a little different.  I'll get the pictures soon.

They are $88.50 plus shipping costs





 Handmade fringe twister  $16   

This is a great tool to finish the fringe so it won't get tangled or fray in the wash. They are two alligator clips that hold the two clumps of yarn.  You lay your garment over a table with a weight, like a book to hold it on top of the table. Take your small amount of fringe and divide the amount in half...half going in each clip.  Turn clockwise until it is well can count to get the same on each set of fringe.  I like to get it almost kinky.  Then move other fabric and fringes out of the way and take your twister hanging down off the table and give it a good twist the other direction.  give it lots of twist in this direction then knot the end.  It will loosen up a bit, that's why I give it lots of twist.

  Handmade brass spindles of various sizes and weights 

Top an bottom whorls, some come with a support bowl of brass or hand thrown pottery

The hook is hand wrought.  The brass keeps the spindle turning. $26.50, $37-$45  Depending on weight

The large support spindles come with a rock support.  Rock supports sell for $5 each.


Handmade Inkle sit and it fits between your legs and you weave! THERE IS ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK!!!


Our newest addition is the traveling lap inkle loom.  It comes with a shuttle and directions for measuring for the length of the heddle and warping.  The tensioner adjusts in the back with a nice sized knob. It is held between your thighs as you sit to weave.  You can make a fairly wide belt.



 Handmade cards from thr Philippines  $1.00 each

discount on mulitple purchases

These cards were made with recycled rice hulls and flowers and come with a matching envelope. Inside is smooth for writing. Each card is hermetically sealed.  I've had these a while so they are priced low.

Handmade Cards